What We Do

Cardinal Wealth Management embraces the principles of the Certified Financial Planner’s Board and our role as a fiduciary to our clients. Our planning process takes into consideration all things financial as well as many emotional priorities, in order to organize their complicated financial lives, prioritize their next steps, and ultimately increase their chances for success.

Our Services

Holistic Wealth Planning

Our holistic wealth planning process is an in-depth, personalized consultation that addresses all things financial as well as the emotional aspects of responsible stewardship.

Investment Management

Our investment management process is a customized and innovative approach to identifying perceived and real risks and pursuing the best returns for the risk’s we are willing to take.

Business Owner Consulting

Our business owner consulting process is a comprehensive consultation, which comes naturally because we have personally built and sold several businesses.

Special Needs Planning

Our special needs planning includes compassionate guidance and assistance for families to create, then execute strategies in order to care for family members who are not able to care for themselves.

Non-Profit Consulting

Our non-profit consulting helps nonprofits create, update, and implement investment policy in order to manage their reserves to better pursue their missions.

Our Process

At the core of every new engagement is our planning process. This true for all of our clients, including entrepreneurs growing their business, established corporate executives with concentrated stock positions, successful retirees, non-profits managing their reserves to forward their mission, or an individual with special needs planning. Our belief, as your fiduciary is that each engagement starts with planning.


Gather all current financial data, establish a minimum lifestyle target in today’s dollars after taxes, establish a reach lifestyle, and identify any unique financial or emotional goals.

Planning and Analysis

Analyze current financial holdings for allocation, risk, pricing, cost, taxes, how they are titled, how they are organized, and identify existing decision-making process. Develop a customized plan that identifies all of the clients’ opportunities for improvement.  

Review the Findings & Engage

Identify each area of improvement, prioritize the clients’ opportunities, review risks associated with each scenario, and determine the best path.

Implement & Monitor

Hire Cardinal Wealth Management to pursue identified opportunities. We continually measure portfolio results versus market indices and measure portfolio results versus clients’ needs.